Adopting the principle that the quality is the most important product of ours, we own Turkey's most extensive and comprehensive Shell Sand test and development labratovary in order to provide the ensurance of the inspection of the product quality and provide accurate reporting and analysis of test results. In addition, we have achived the quality during the production phase by planning our production process from the entry till the outcome with an emphasis on prevention activities.


Beginning from its establishment date, till today, by acting on the principle of using quality raw material and service, Olimineral has paid special attention to the values they beliave and haven’t comprimised any of them.


Main reasons underlying the success of Olimineral Inc.


- Pre-conducting research
- Proivide solutions with an advantage
- Working together with an experienced team
- Being able to do good planning
- Being able to get responsibility
- Valuing Contact


As because we have adopted these principles, there is a constant rise in our product quality and we are able to provide our services in high standards.